I started photography many years ago photographing what I love, nature. Unfortunately, at that time, I couldn't give it the time and effort it needed to be able to make the best photos I could. So I spent years learning the technical and the aesthetics and trying to find another way, which mostly found me being the photographer of family gatherings and holidays. The skills I developed doing this led to a few paid assignments including the occasional wedding, event and corporate headshot.
Fairly recently I decided to make an effort at photographing nature again. One morning I got up early and headed to some local woodland for morning light, and immediately fell in love with it! I have since changed some of my gear to enable me to learn how to photograph local birds and other wildlife. I now look forward to getting up and out to catch the early light, and lingering after sundown at the coast (when I can) as well as staking out the waterbirds at local ponds.
I spent many years trying to find my place in photography, only to return to the place I started, and I love it!
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