Creative and corporate portraits, head shots, wedding photography, and all things people. Oh, and the occasional bit of anything else. I love photographing people. Posed, candid, whatever. It's the thing that makes me tick.

I have been a photographer for around fifteen years. I started with anything nature; birds at my local lake, the seascapes of North Devon and Cornwall. In fact, I didn't point my lens at a single person for the first few years of my photography life.

My passion for people photography started around the time I met my amazing girlfriend, Charlie, and then her family. From that time on; holidays, family gatherings and events, I was the person documenting it from behind the lens. In fact, the latest addition to the family seems to have no idea who I am unless I have a camera pressed against my face.

After attending quite a few of Charlie’s friends weddings, my passion for photographing people naturally led me to want to try wedding photography. Every wedding I've ever attended I found myself watching the photographer, watching how they worked. It was at a winter wedding of a good friend of ours when I just knew I had to try it for myself. You can see my work in the Wedding Photography gallery. This is a new venture for me, so my portfolio is still a little light.

Portrait photography, in a studio or on location, simple white backgrounds or in an environment that tells a story. I love this stuff. I may have included this last on this page, but it is top of my list of what I love when it comes to photography. Check out the Studio & Locations Portraits page for information on how we can work together and create beautiful photos of you.

Many thanks for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy the content.

Rod Allsopp.
A self portrait of me. Taken in my very simple home studio.
From time to time I collaborate with on video projects. Take a look at his channel here.